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Teacher Training Course

Starting in January 2019/2021

Three year Teacher Training Course with a total of 750 hours

What we teach and pass on is always the fruit of our teachers, the books we read, the information and observations we gather, the wisdom of our friends, and finally how we absorb this knowledge and use it in daily yoga/life.
After having stopped for some years with the Teacher Training Course I have decided to make a final group that I think now will abe my last.
This course will be concise, direct, intense and practical, focusing the attention of the students in daily yoga practice and lifestyle so that they will be able to teach with a clear understanding of the subject.
Three years is not enough to discover the deep implications, reasons and consequences of yoga. We offer an introduction and hope to develop in the student a solid base and love for yoga that will inspire him/her to continue with study and self practice.
Our lineage of yoga practice goes back to times when a guru had only a handful of disciples during his whole lifetime. They were selected according to an appropriate background, health, religion, and from an early eage taught the art of yoga. One of these gurus was the great master Shri T. Krisnamacharya (1883-1987) who, in the presence of a French doctor voluntarily stopped his heartbeat, proving in this way his full control of all his body functions.
He was the distinguished teacher and guru of Pattabhi Jois (Ashtanga Yoga) of B.K.S. Iyengar (Iyengar Yoga) and T.K.V. Desiskachar, his son. In our practice we go back to his roots, when these three types of yoga were not yet divided.
In this path there are some essencial elements that define our practice of Vijnana Yoga.
- Meditation
- Asana practice and the Vital Principles
- The study of Texts (yoga scriptures)
- Kriyas, vayus and pranayamas

There is a flyer, in pdf, with all the dates and information that I can send you by email.

pdf here

Dates for 2021 pdf here


Please send me an email if you need more information or have any doubt.
Registration fee in the bank account nr. 0780013466200 of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (NIB 003507800001346620026) under the name of Teresa F.P. Caldas. Make sure you send me an email.
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It is possible to rent houses nearby (rooms for 2 people). If this is your choice please inform me in advance via email. (from €30.- pp)- See www.quintaldocastelo.com

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