Teresa Caldas


The city of Silves

Silves, where the workshops take place, is a small city (capital of the Algarve until the 17th century) 11 km from the coast.

Away from the tourists who come for the most known beaches, Silves is very calm and friendly.

Due to the river and the very fertile valley, nowadays full of orange trees, it was in former times a very important city. The historical proof is the castle and its wall around the city, the museum with a cistern dating from the time of the Arabs, the large cathedral a former mosque, and the permanent activity of archaeologists who never stop digging to find remains of the Phoenicians, Arabs, Egyptians and Romans.

Around Silves there are many places to visit, like a watermill with its natural "swimming pool", or Monchique known for the huge eucalyptus trees and the water springs, or a boat trip descending the river to the sea. Free afternoons will give you all the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city, its surroundings, and of course several beaches.

We advise you to rent and share a car if you are planning any of these trips.