Teresa Caldas


Self practice

Students who desire to deepen their experience in their own daily practice of yoga, may come to Silves and share/follow the Yoga Practice Manual with Teresa. There is no teaching but some advise about the practice is given.

Building up our own yoga practice can be difficult even for those who have been practicing for quite some time. Many adjustments have to be felt according to our body, our state of mind, or to what we want to achieve. We have to adjust to inner but also outer circumstances. And then how can we let go of the achievements in order to go beyond? It is a slow learning process that requires attention, dedication, curiosity, desire and detachment.

From time to time it is necessary to get away from daily life, take distance from our limited sense of reality and see how others do it, look with different eyes, reflect upon our own experience, to understand and enjoy the integration of the yoga practice in our daily life.

The quiet and spacious environment of the studio welcomes each practitioner to sit, elongate, turn, bend, and open, in an intimate and joyful practice. In the morning we practice sitting, kriyas, pranayama, and asanas, followed by inverted or relaxing postures.

During the rest of the day one is free to rest, read, wander around the old city, go to the beach, or drive to some of the many beautiful spots in the Algarve.

Dates must be reserved in advance, for a minimum of three days and maximum seven.

Price 45 euros per day, which includes lodging in the house, but not the meals. You can share the kitchen of the house and do your shopping at the local market.